Frequently asked questions

The Builders Academy is a no-fee no-equity program.

The goal of The Builders Academy is to help us find founders with the next big ideas. The program is powered by CEEDCAP with other partners and sponsors. After the program we help founders with funding and market access through these partners.

Can I apply if I want to be a founder?

You can apply if you want to be a founder that solves a problem faced by real people.

How long does the program run for?

The program runs for nine weeks. The first six weeks consist of venture design, venture operations and venture management sessions. The last three weeks is for mentoring and coaching teams, product development and mock pitches.

What is the application process? 

Application form on will be available by 10th February 2021. Subscribe below to get the notification.

What benefits do I get from joining the program?

Industry experts mentoring, market access partnerships and investors connection at early-stage. The intention is to give founders more time to experiment and validate their ideas, and expose them to large networks of partners and early adopters. 

Will the program be in person or online?

The program will be virtual

Is my idea safe with you? 

Our team consists of highly professional individuals. We respect confidentiality and we won't disclose your idea without your permission. Your ideas will be used only for the purpose of assessing your application to the The Builders Academy.

You should also remember that ideas are a dime a dozen, so there is a good chance there are many people thinking about the same idea. We have found that although ideas might be similar, execution always differentiates the successful startups from the unsuccessful.

What sectors are you interested in?

We want to see audacious Healthcare, Financial, eCommerce/Marketplace, Media/Communication, and Data/Artificial Intelligence solutions

What is your selection criteria?

Completed applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by a carefully put together selection committee.

We are looking for audacious founders who share the following:  
- The desire and competency to launch their ideas
- Startups that are in the ideation phase
- Has attempted to build something awesome that failed
- Soft skills, a Vision, Focus, Resilience, and Leadership qualities
- Can commit full-time to the 9 weeks program 

How do I know if I am selected? 

We will notify all selected applicants individually to the email address provided in the application form.

If I am selected, can I defer to the next cohort? 

No, you can not defer to the next cohort. You will need to apply for the next cohort.

What happens after the Academy? 

At the end of the program, we partner with compelling and highly motivated builders and founders to build and fund their startups. Provide industry expert mentoring, market access, partnerships and investors relation at early-stage.

Can I know more about the Academy? 

Please contact us  here