A startup assembly system to build and launch your big ideas

A majority of failed startups associate poor execution, limited funding, and market access as the primary drivers of most innovative ideas. 

The Builders Academy offers founders access to technical resources, funding, domain experts, and industry-specific business support which will help them find product-market-fit for their company.

The Builders Academy combines CEEDCAP's Startup Assembly Systems to help founders develop their customer-facing capabilities at high speed while validating market-fit to speed up the venture building process and ease the cognitive load of launching new  companies.

What you will benefit as a founder

Practical knowledge

From founders on idea-market-fit, business design, and execution strategy

Venture builders

Dedicated venture builders and $1m worth of resources to build.

Governance structure

Gain insights into IP protection, business and investment readiness.

Early funding

The Builders Academy offers a faster access to CEEDCAP's pre-seed funding.

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